Ideue Group

Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo

Van der Waals material is a material group whose interlayer coupling is dominated by weak van der Waals force. They can be easily exfoliated into atomically thin layer using mechanical exfoliation method. Atomically thin materials show qualitatively different behaviour than 3D crystal owing to its two-dimensionality. We can think of huge conbinations of artificially fabricated stacking, which provides us fertile possibility of new physics.
Here, we introduce some of our recent research topics, but still there should be much more new physics left in this field.
We are looking for highly motivated students and researchers who is interested in new physical phenomena and new direction of material physics.
We welcome your visit and questions!

Explore new physical phenomena by controling symmetry and quantum degrees of freedom of van der Waals materials

  • Spin resonance in magnetic materials
  • Kinetic inductance in superconductors
  • Nonresiprocal magneto transport
  • Superconducting diode effect
  • Bulk photovoltaic effect
  • Gate-induced superconducting transition
  • Pressure-induced topological phase transition